True Enthusiasm is Always Eloquent
Authentic Presentations and Public Speaking

Among the most overlooked skills in public speaking is the ability to be yourself.

The power of a presentation, you see, comes not only from the authenticity of the message. Just as important is the conviction and authenticity of the presenter.

In this seminar and workshop you’ll learn how to craft, design and deliver presentations that are true to who you really are.

Rather than have to fit your ideas and your personality into pre-determined “rules of presenting,” you’ll learn how a presentation can flow from what you actually believe and feel.

You’ll also learn how you can use visuals and video to give rhythm to your presentation, providing a compelling sense of direction and momentum.

Best of all, you’ll put those ideas into practice by delivering a presentation that will be critiqued not only by other attendees, but by  a professional film director. And your presentation can be videotaped for you review.

All in all, you’ll leave with more confidence in your own abilities and your own point-of-view, which will result in presentations of true authentic power.

What you’ll learn about Public Speaking

  • How to use the Make a Mess/Clean Up Your Mess™ methodology to develop a clear focused presentation designed for specific audience
  • How to uncover a Big Idea as a presentation touchstone
  • How to edit a presentation to increase power and coherence
  • How to build and design your presentation in Powerpoint™ and other media
  • How to rehearse your presentation
  • How to present powerfully while always being yourself
  • How to manage your audience and read the room
  • How to manage your own stress

What we’ll cover

  • What is Public Speaking?
  • What is an effective presentation and what is your role in it?
  • Basics of Storytelling
    • Structure
    • Style
    • Showbiz
  • Developing your presentation
    • Employing the Make a Mess/Clean Up you Mess™ creativemethod
    • Uncovering the Big Idea
    • Choosing the style that matches the substance
    • Using Microsoft Powerpoint™ and other media effectively
  • It don’t mean a thing if it aint’ got that swing
    • The importance of flow
    • Evaluating the rhythm of your presentation
    • Editing out dead spots
  • Working from your Authentic Self
    • Public speaking and your natural presentation style
    • Playing towards your strengths
  • Prepping your presentation
    • Practice, Practice, Practice
    • Sticking to the Script
    • Pointing to the Big Idea
    • Keep track of the Rhythm
  • It’s ShowTime
    • Visualizing to relieve stress
    • Reading the Room
    • Using the Big Idea as a touchstone
    • Improvising

How you’ll apply what you learn

  • Develop a short presentation of 10 slides or less
  • Present it to the group while being videotaped
  • Engage in group critique


Our courses are available on site and through virtual instruction. We will gladly customize a course to meet your specific needs.

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