Professional Development Seminars and Workshops

A uniquely practical approach to professional development

Our professional development seminars and workshops take a uniquely practical approach, informed by the knowledge of professionals who are called upon to create and innovate on a daily basis.

What’s more, each can be tailored to meet your specific needs, and are also available as one-on-one coaching either in-person or online.

Strategic Storytelling

professional development strategic storytelling

Humans beings communicate through stories.

But what actually constitutes a story? And how do we craft a story that truly engages our audience, whether it’s our colleagues or our customers?

This professional development seminar and workshop explores the art and science of storytelling. It draws upon everything from the lessons of Aristotle to the techniques of Hollywood screenwriters to the corporate and consumer insight films created by Smarter Storytelling.

The concepts will then be put immediately into practice. Attendees will create and present their own stories, paying special attention to structure, forward motion, drama and resolution.

They’ll leave with a better understanding of how to uncover the right story and tell it well in any medium, whether it’s a speech, an essay, a video or a Powerpoint™ presentation.

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Creative Problem Solving

professional development creative problem solvingTo help you and your organization become more innovative and effective, this professional development seminar and workshop introduces managers, marketers and entrepreneurs to the fundamentals of the creative process.

In it, creativity is demystified. Rather than being discussed in terms of inspiration and talent, attendees are shown the practical tools and techniques used by creative professionals to generate innovation on a daily basis.

You’ll be exposed to the “Circle of Creation,” a process in which one alternates repeatedly between “Making a Mess” and “Cleaning up your Mess.”

You’ll also encounter useful concepts such as “The Thinking is in the Doing,” “Thinking within the Box, and “Either you have One Idea or you have No Idea.”

Moreover, you’ll engage in a number of creative activities which put these concepts into practice.

All in all, attendees will leave with greater confidence in their own creative abilities, and a conceptual framework to put those abilities to immediate use.

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 Authentic Presentations

professional development authentic presentations

The power of a presentation comes from the authenticity of the message, the authenticity of the design and, above all, the authenticity of the presenter.

In this professional development seminar and workshop you’ll learn how to craft, design and deliver your presentation in a way that is true to who you are.

Rather than have to fit your ideas and your personality into pre-determined “rules of presenting,” you’ll learn how a presentation can flow from what you actually believe and feel.

You’ll also learn how you can use visuals and video to give rhythm to your presentation, providing a compelling sense of direction and momentum.

Best of all, you’ll put those ideas into practice by delivering a presentation that will be critiqued not only by other attendees, but by  a professional film director. And your presentation will be videotaped for you review.

All in all, you’ll leave with more confidence in your own abilities and your own point-of-view, which will result in presentations of true authentic power.

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Lead Like An Artist

leadership trainingLead Like An Artist is a unique leadership training course that approaches leadership as a creative, if not artistic, process.

In a world as dynamic and unpredictable as ours, the skills and approaches taken by artists are often what’s needed by today’s leaders. Skills like being comfortable with uncertainty. Being able to move ahead confidently in ambiguous circumstances.

And above all, developing a a vision and communicating it effectively.

Today’s leaders need to understand the techniques—both intellectual and emotional— by which one arrives at a vision. Just as important, they need the hard and soft skills required to transmit it throughout their organization.

Attendees will put these concepts and techniques immediately into practice through a series of workshop activities.

They’ll leave with a broader understanding of what leadership is, a clearer sense of themselves, and the tools to help move their companies forward.

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Contemporary Branding

professional development contemporary branding

Whether it’s branding for your company, your clients or a personal brand for yourself, organizations need to understand the principles that make brands effective today, and the pitfalls to avoid.

In this professional development seminar and workshop, you’ll be introduced to the history of branding, the conceptual and creative techniques to employ when crafting your brand, examples of successful brands and common mistakes to avoid.

And as all brands are now–thanks to the internet–global brands, special emphasis will be placed on idea-driven brand concepts that can cross borders

Attendees will put what they learn immediately into practice, by developing a brand and executing it through a variety of media, from TV spots to websites.

They will leave with a firm grasp of what a brand is, how it works, and how they can successfully create a brand for their organization and themselves.

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Critical Thinking

professional development critical thinking

The foundation of every decision we make, both on the job and off, is our ability to think critically.

No more so than today as we are bombarded by messages and arguments in an environment where constant distractions make it difficult for us to think clearly and make decisions dispassionately.

This professional development seminar and workshop explores the fundamentals of critical thinking. We investigate what critical thinking is and how it’s used, its history, basic logic, modes of arguments, common cognitive mistakes and the relationship between critical thinking, leadership and creativity.

Better yet, include exercises in which attendees can put what they’ve learned immediately. They’ll leave with greater confidence in their own critical thinking skills, the ability to marshal arguments with more precision, skills to analyze the claims of others with greater insight, and overall a more rational and methodical approach to decision-making of all kinds.

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Individual and Remote Learning

Along with our onsite group seminars and workshop, we offer training via Zoom, for groups as well as individuals.

These virtual classes can be used on their own, or as a complement to the group courses. And we can customize these course to meet a specific needs.

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The Smarter Storytelling Online Course

A stand-alone online course combining elements of the Strategic Storytelling, Make A Mess, and Authentic Presentations workshops for those who want to learn at their own pace.

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