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A New Kind Of Corporate Training

In a world of constant change, ongoing corporate training becomes essential to corporate success.

It’s critical to the success of the individual as well as the organization.

And key to contemporary corporate training is education in skills like creativity, storytelling and critical thinking.

The Creative Organization helps people at all levels of an organization acquire and improve those skills.

A Unique Approach To Corporate Training

The Creative Organization was founded by marketing and branding consultant David Intrator.

Educated at Harvard, and having spent over 25 years working with Fortune 500 companies both here and abroad, Intrator recognized the need for a new kind of education for companies hoping to succeed in our new world.

Moreover, he saw that the offerings on the market often misconstrued key concepts like creativity and storytelling.

They tended to approach the topics in an abstract and romantic way. Or they were highly academic. This didn’t align with what he had experienced as communications and creative professional.

So Intrator decided to develop seminars and workshops that would be informed by the practical experience and insights of professionals who create and innovate on a daily basis.

Customized Corporate Training

Intrator also recognized that each organization is different.  They have different conceptions, for example, of what they mean by creativity or storytelling.  They have different corporate cultures.  And what’s motivating the training in the first place is often different from company to company.

So starting with basic program templates, The Creative Organization works with companies to develop courses that are tailor-made to their needs and expectations. Customized seminars and workshops that address the real-world issues facing staff, management and C-Suite executives.

And the results have been impressive. The Creative Organization has been hired by both universities like Johns Hopkins and NYU as well as companies like Red Bull and Papa John’s.


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