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Lead Like An Artist is a unique leadership training course that approaches leadership as a creative, if not artistic, process.

In a world as dynamic and unpredictable as ours, the skills and approaches taken by artists are often what’s needed by today’s leaders.

Skills like becoming comfortable with uncertainty. Being able to improvise and continue moving ahead amidst ambiguity.

But above all, the skills—both intellectual and emotional—to uncover and develop a coherent vision and communicate it effectively.

Leadership Training At The Highest Level

This seminar and workshop is designed for C-Suite executives and integrates many of the lessons from The Creative Organization’s storytelling, creative problem-solving and presentation seminars and workshops.

Leadership Is Storytelling

At its core, leadership is about knowing where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you’re going.

This is also the essential function of stories. Stories help us make sense of the world and give it meaning. Similarly, a leader makes sense of an organization and gives it purpose and meaning.

But before a leader can tell that story to others, it must be clear in his or her own mind.

Storytelling Is About Knowing Your Own Mind

The fundamental issue addressed in Lead Like An Artist is that of knowing one’s own mind. Contemporary leaders are buffeted from all sides with advice, opinion and information. In such an environment it’s easy, if not natural, to lose a sense of one’s core beliefs and mission.

Thankfully there’s a process to sort things out, both intellectually and perhaps more important, emotionally. That process is the same process used by artists and other creative thinkers.

Knowing Your Own Mind Is A Creative Process

One of the persistent myths about creativity is that it’s about inspiration. In reality it’s about organization and decision-making. Lead Like An Artist will include many of the lessons from our Make A Mess/Clean Your Mess™ seminar and workshop, introducing leaders to a process that is put to use on a daily basis by creative professionals across disciplines and cultures.

Effective Leadership is an Unending Artistic Journey

One thing artists understand is how to be comfortable with the process of discovery, in situations where answers are not obvious or immediately forthcoming. They also know that the creative process is iterative and unending. This comes not necessarily from an innate gift, but from a particular kind of training.

That’s the kind of training you’ll receive at this important leadership training course.


Our courses are available on site and through virtual instruction. We will gladly customize a course to meet your specific needs.

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