Are You A Creative Organization?


Are you a creative organization? Nimble? Innovative? Open to change?

Well, today’s organization has to be all that, and more.

Our new economic, cultural and media environment is simply too dynamic and too competitive for organizations to be restricted by the static modes of thinking that may have worked in the past.

It used to be that creative thinking and critical thinking were considered separate realms. Issues such as branding were once reserved for a specialized elite. Communication occurred across only a few channels and, from today’s perspective, at a leisurely pace.

In short, things were slower and simpler.

But all that’s changed.

We now recognize that creative and critical thinking are two sides of the same coin. These days everyone is a communicator who needs to transmit ideas clearly and efficiently in a variety of media. Today branding applies not only to companies but even to individuals who  need to develop and manage their personal brands.

The central fact of modern life is that everything is changing all the time and we need to be continually learning and creating and communicating to keep apace.

To succeed in the 21st century every organization has to be a creative organization.

Are you ready?