IQ vs BS: The Power of Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is at the foundation of every decision we make and every belief we hold.

And it’s more important today than ever, as we’re bombarded by messages and arguments in an environment where constant distractions make it difficult for us to think clearly and make decisions dispassionately.

This seminar and workshop explores the fundamentals of critical thinking. We investigate what it is and how it’s used. We also explore its history, basic logic, modes of arguments, common cognitive mistakes and the relationship between critical thinking, leadership and creativity.

The seminar will include exercises in which attendees can put what they’ve learned immediately
into practice.

They’ll leave with greater confidence in their own critical thinking skills, the ability to marshal arguments with more precision, skills to analyze the claims of others with greater insight, and overall a more rational and methodical approach to decision-making of all kinds.

What you’ll learn about Critical Thinking
  • What it is and why it’s important
  • Basic reasoning and logical fallacies
  • How to employ the 7-step critical thinking checklist
  • How to evaluate arguments in business and media
  • How to think more abstractly
  • How to reduce complex arguments to their basic structure
  • How to construct an argument and be more persuasive
  • How to suspend judgment and avoid personal biases
  • The relationship between critical and creative thinking
  • How to feel confident in the belief we hold and the decisions we make
What we’ll cover
      • Definition and history
        • What we mean by “reason”
        • The timeless relevance of the Greeks
        • The Scientific Method
      • Benefits
        • Not getting fooled
        • Being more persuasive
        • Achieving organizational consensus
        • Confidence in decisions
      • Why it’s more important today than ever
        • Information overload
        • Everyone’s a salesman
        • An Age of Unreason?
      • Limits to critical thinking
        • Is reason an act of faith?
        • Probability vs. certainty
      • Basic reasoning and logic
        • What is an argument?
        • Premises, definitions, assumptions and conclusions
        • Deductive reasoning
        • Inductive reasoning
      • Logical fallacies
        • Ad hominem
        • Ad ignorantiam
        • Argument from authority, and many more
      • The critical thinking checklist
        • Clarity
        • Accuracy
        • Precision
        • Relevance
        • Depth
        • Breadth
        • Logic
      • The relationship between critical and
        • creative thinking
        •  storytelling
        •  leadership
How you’ll apply what you learn
      • Evaluation of arguments from real examples in the media and advertising
      • Applying critical thinking to creativity, storytelling, and marketing


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