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Creativity requires Sitzfleisch

In a recent appearance on Tavis Smiley, legendary songwriter Diane Warren discussed her work method.

Diane Warren

She arrives at her office at 8:30 every morning, sits down at the piano and begins to write.

If things start to flow, she stays put at the piano.  Likewise, If she’s blocked, she stays put at the piano.

In other words, she keeps on working, sitting there at the piano whether it is bringing results or not.

This ability to sit still for long periods is called “Sitzfleisch,” and it is one of the keys to creativity and creative success.

Einstein had it. Norman Mailer had it. Beethoven had it.

In fact, most if not all great artists and creative thinkers have possessed this rather unglamorous, but incredibly important talent.

In a world filled with endless distractions, “Sitzfleish” is difficult to achieve.

But if you want to be creative, it’s something worth mastering.

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