“…Thanks again for your leadership yesterday. Our team thought the session was fantastic! Actually said it was one of the best, most relevant trainings they’ve ever been to. I actually spent most of my day today re-working a deck I have to share with our executives tomorrow based on the principles you shared…”

Ronda Slavin
V.P. Market Insights

“…What’s new about Intrator’s Make a Mess method is that it takes creativity beyond brainstorming, providing a way to craft ideas into useful real-world solutions…”

John Hickman
Papa John’s

“…the [storytelling] presentation was great.  It drilled down to the essence of the idea, giving it an intelligible structure that is of extraordinary value to any class and when addressing any business problem…”

Dr. Sylvia J. Long-Tolbert, PhD
Professor at the Carey Business School
Johns Hopkins University

“…[Intrator’s Storytelling course] has improved our deliverables and even more importantly, our process in getting there…”

David Rothstein, CEO
RTI Research

“…David Intrator has a remarkable ability to take complex topics and simplify them in a way that helps organizations move forward with confidence…”

Stacy Dick
Tiger Management Advisors

“[The online course] is fantastic. I enjoyed the content, the concepts and the delivery. Loved the crisp visuals, the intradisciplinary approach of seeking and finding stories everywhere, including  business, culture, and the arts. Found it informative, engaging and quite inspiring!”

Marina Theodotu
Computer Science Teachers’ Association

“…insightful and eye-opening…a collaborative ‘I’m on your side’ vibe…”

Marco Scisio
Red Bull Media House

“…I attended a seminar presented by David on The Creative Process; as an artist the subject seemed obviously interesting but also just obvious. Yet I was refreshed and surprised by his honest, better yet— starkly naked practical approach to a process that often feels too allusive and/or mystical to actually employ in any kind of real way.  David really brought the basics back to life for me in a way that feels present and tangible. He reminded me that there is urgency in creation and value in the process. Great presenters don’t just ‘inform’ or ‘educate’ their audiences—they ‘motivate and inspire’ them. That is exactly what David did for me…”

Saarah Zebede
Professional Actor

“…perhaps the best endorsement of David Intrator’s Make a Mess seminar is that long after the presentation my team continues to put his creative principles to good use, invoking “Make a Mess/Clean Up Your Mess” when solving challenging strategic problems…”

Renee Peet
Group Director, Strategy
Siegel+Gale, New York

“…David Intrator is our go-to guy for all things creative. Intrator is a monumental talent, he saws through the hackneyed and trite expressions of today’s advertising dreck  and spits out smart, hard working concepts that always blow the lid off the competition. We’ve never lost a pitch with David and I think that says it all.  Not only is David a great thinker and creative director, his film work is equally beautiful and inspiring.  He’s one of the original Mad Men and I’m glad he’s around to bail us out when we’ve lost our way…”

Faith Wozniak
Jouard Wozniak, LLC

“….Intrator’s seminar and workshop presents a Big Idea that’s simple to understand and, better yet, can be put into practice right away. That’s not only useful, but inspiring…”

Gordon Dean Cooper
Chief Talent Officer
Siegel + Gale, New York

“…Intrator is not only a remarkable creative thinker, but also a wonderful teacher and communicator.  He explains his method clearly and simply, and supports it with numerous real-world examples.  And it works!  His passion for creativity is an inspiration, and he has received high praise from my “difficult to please” MBA students…”

Mickey Goodman
Professor, Stern School of Business, New York University
Founding Partner, Blue Black Group

“…Intrator’s “Make a Mess/Clean up Your Mess” concept is brilliant.  It’s a really cool tool for creative thinking that we use when we’re building computer models for our clients…”

Bob Roan

“…David Intrator gets right to the heart of the matter, lending his incisive conceptual understanding to every problem…”

Robert Berman
WeaselWorks TV

“…As a media company dealing both in traditional and social media, we’re often faced with issues that require a considerable degree of both critical creative thinking.   Intrator’s method has helped make our process more disciplined, more efficient and ultimately more effective for our clients…”

Peter Cusick