What’s the Big Idea?
Principles of Contemporary Branding

Whether it’s branding for your company, your clients or a personal brand for yourself, organizations need to understand the principles that make brands effective today, and the pitfalls to avoid.

In this seminar and workshop, you’ll be introduced to the history of branding, the intellectual and creative techniques to employ when crafting your brand, examples of successful brands and common branding errors.

And as all brands are now—thanks to the internet—global brands, special emphasis will be placed on idea-driven brand concepts that can cross borders

Attendees will put what they learn immediately into practice, by developing a brand and executing it through a variety of media, from TV spots to websites.

They will leave with a firm grasp of what a brand is, how it works, and how they can successfully create a brand for their organization and themselves.

What you’ll learn

  • What is a brand?
    •  A promise
    • A set of values
    • An identity
    • A mission
    • A belief system
    • A position in the market
    • A way of behaving
  • Why are brands important
    • Organizational coherence
    • Unification of disparate products and services
    • Sense of purpose
    • Criteria to measure actions and behavior
  • The history of branding
    • On the ranch
    • Early 20th-century branding
    • The 60s revolution
    • From promises to values
    • The global/web explosion
  • What’s new in contemporary branding?
    • Multiple channels
    • Customer ownership
    • Border-crossing
    • Perpetual change
    • Personal branding
  • Examples of successful and unsuccessful brands
  • Developing your brand
    • Know yourself
    • Know your target
    • What business are you in?
    • What’s your promise?
    • What’s your mission?
    • Where do you fit in?
    • How are you different?
    • How are you relevant?
  • Creating brand messaging
    • Employing Make a Mess/Clean Up your Mess™ creative method
    • Taglines, headlines and copy
    • TV and Video
    • Determining a look and feel that fits
  • Combatting Brand Entropy
    • Sticking to your proposition
    • Creating Universal Master Propositions
    • The difference between style and substance
    • Having a Big Idea
  •  Managing your brand
    •  Staying the course
    • Growing without losing your identity
    • Disrupting your brand when times change

How you’ll apply what you learn

  • Develop a branding and advertising campaign for an imaginary or real product or service
  • Create and decide upon positions, propositions and executions in print, radio and video


Our courses are available on site and through virtual instruction. We will gladly customize a course to meet your specific needs.

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